Trumpet Vine

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Seven years ago hubby and I planted this small Trumpet Vine near the corner of our deck with a trellis. I wanted a vine that attracted hummmingbirds. Over the years the trumpet vine returned each summer and grew into what I called the monster. It was a monster of green and for seven years never produce a single trumpet flower. Just when hubby and I were going to give up on this vine and remove it, the trumpet flowers finally showed themselves. I know it can be an invasive plant but we can keep it trimmed while it is growing on one corner of our deck. I am thrilled with the flowers this year, the color and the size of the trumpet flower is huge.

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The Campsis Radicans or Trumpet Vines can grown 30-40 feet in a season. The blooms can be a large as 3 inches. The colors range from yellow, orange to red. Hummingbirds are attracted to the bright colors of the trumpet bloom. They prefer full sun and need a trellis or fence to climb.

So now that our Trumpet Vine has finally produced some blooms we are happy and the plant has received a pardon.

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6 thoughts on “Trumpet Vine

  1. When we moved to our present home three years ago we inherited a trumpet vine. In those three years it has taken over the side of our garage. 🙂
    You had a lot of patience to wait and were rewarded with the lovely blooms.

  2. I had a trumpet vine once. You are more forgiving of no or low blooms than we were. If you ever do want to get rid of it, be warned that the roots will send up shoots forever. Glad you are enjoying the beautiful flowers and hope the hummers are too.

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