Happy Thankful Thursday!

Happy Thankful Thursday & Happy Halloween!

Lately the weather has been nice and we’ve been able to take more walks on the local fire roads again to see the fall colors, look for birds, mushrooms and anything nature related. These photos are from a few different days and walks.

Oct 26-28 we are seeing blooms in our yard like the yellow zinnias and some clematis blooms.


Me and My shadow while walking on the fire road. 


One of the taller Pine trees seen next to the fire road. 


A pretty cloud and cloud day. During this walks, I could hear the WT Sparrows, the Kinglets, various woodpeckers, cardinals and the vultures were flying high in the sky. No  birds would allow photos at this time.  


A Common Buckeye butterfly landed on the trail in front of us, Oct 27th.


These Clematis blooms suddenly appeared Oct 26 and are still blooming today. 


More Pretty colors seen around our lake. 



Some pretty fall colors near the reservoir.


There are some ferns seen along the fire road that stay green year round.


I am using my old WordPress blog for this post. It seems like blogger wants to give me problems ever since I removed Chrome from my computer.  I am going back and forth from Firefox and Edge.

I am thankful to have these great weather days for our walks.

I am thankful to be seeing these pretty flowers blooming in our yard in late October.

I am thankful for all your visits and comments.

Thank you Michelle for hosting
Thankful Thursday

Thank you to Yogi for hosting Skywatch Friday

Thanks so much for visiting and for your nice comments on my previous post. Have a happy day!


60 thoughts on “Happy Thankful Thursday!

  1. Hello,

    I didn’t know that you had this blog too. I use crome, and I have no problems with my blog. The ferns are very beautiful. Happy Halloween, and have a nice day!

    1. Thanks Marit! I keep this blog for a backup. I am not sure why Chrome was giving me trouble. I will try soon with another blogger post. My critter post is ready to go on Saturday. Enjoy your day!

  2. David Gascoigne

    Oops, I just figured out the the comments option is at the top, not at the bottom! Great to have these flowers blooming so late. Here it is cold and wet for Halloween, conditions I am sure would be very welcome in California right now.

    1. Hi David, it is raining here today too. They are calling for thunder storms later today, just when the kiddies will want to go trick or tricking. I feel sorry for the people in California, those fires are scary. Thanks for the comment. Have a great day.

  3. Hello Eileen,

    The butterfly is really gorgeous!
    I also have problems with my blog, I can’t make the page right and the fonts … are a disaster!

    Happy Halloween and a good weekend!

  4. I took a picture of some red berries yesterday because once the leaves are gone, we have to take our color wherever we can get it! Looks as if there is still plenty of color in your beautiful world!

  5. Your Autumn color is more advanced than ours. We have had wind and rain that is causing leaves to fall faster than I would like, but there are sunny days ahead!
    Love the butterfly!
    Have a great day!

  6. itsallaboutpurple

    we have been having some nice, warm days as well. the last few, today included, we are getting a lot of rain. what a stunning buckeye, not the slightest wear on it!! we are finally getting autumn colors and they are such a welcome sight! your flowers are so pretty, i still have knock-out roses and mums, that’s about it!!!

  7. Oh there they are…comments! There sure are lots of ads on this site! Happy Halloween to you too…we’re also wet here this morning…don’t know what the kids will do this evening. So glad you posted, one of the Thursday thankfullnesses in my life! Happy Halloween.

  8. Sandra Hangey

    now I wonder why the comments are at the top, could not find them. sorry about blogger. hope its not a problem we will all get… so far mine is ok. I dread the day it starts to act up because I am no fond of wordpress

  9. I thought I was lost when I first got here but I know what you mean about blogger! It’s been a pain lately. Love all the pretty fall colors…and even some pretty pinks! Enjoy your afternoon sweet friend!

  10. yogiabb

    Thank you for persevering in getting your words and photos out. I am loving the fall colors this time of year and the flowers, birds, and butterflies you captured.
    Sorry you are having troubles with blogger.

  11. Eileen, you still have some beautiful color left. We have had terrible weather today and not many colorful leaves left. Also, a hard freeze tonight. It is winter now, not fall! lol Thank you for linking up these beautiful photos. Have a GREAT weekend.

  12. Maybe I’ll be able to reply to your blog now..Yes, indeed..It is a beautiful time of the year..A bit windy right now..I’ll be surprised if there are many leaves left after this..I hope you are having a wonderful week..Happy Halloween..

  13. Hello Eileen
    they are beautiful fall colors.
    I can therefore enjoy it.
    I want to know nothing about the Halloween.
    It is now October 31 2 years ago that our little Jahnay crashed and therefore I cannot be happy
    Greetings, Helma

  14. lowcarbdiabeticJan

    Sorry you are having blogger problems.
    I enjoyed your photographs, so much beautiful colours in your area.

    All the best Jan

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